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Teaching plan for project reading

Roses are red , violets are blue, but which of the two colors really suit you?

Teaching aims:

1.      To help Ss learn and use the useful phrases in the reading;

2.      To guide Ss to read and understand the main ideas and details concerning colors in different regions or cultures;

3.      To introduce several practical skills for task-reading by fulfilling the designed work;

4.      To improve the oral English by practicing speaking(asking and answering in pairs)

Teaching means:

1.      A tape recorder and the multimedia

2.      Students’ workbook

Teaching methods:

Practice listening, speaking, reading and writing

Teaching procedures:

Step 1  Warming-up

A  Read the new words in chorus

B  Ask some questions about colours at random

Step 2  Listening & understanding

Ss listen to the recording of the project reading and try to understand the main idea of each paragraph simultaneously.

Step 3  Comprehension

A  Ask Ss to answer the questions according to the article.

B  Discuss and search for more detailed information for the form as a summary task to further Ss’ understanding.

Step 4  Useful phrase(Language points)

A  Underline and translate the phrases in the text into Chinese.

B  Use the phrase to finish sentences in Ss’ workbook.

Step 5  Oral practice

Time permitting, Ss practice speaking English in pairs by asking and answering questions.

Step 6  Homework

A  Finish the designed work for this section.

B  Write a passage concerning various meanings of different colors.

By Steve Young